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The Delaware Medical Board has a typical process. Most of the physician's timeline is verified by Delaware. Delaware processes application quickly. After submitting the Medical License Application, they will notify the physician about the deficiencies necessary to complete the application within a couple of weeks. The Delware Medical Board provides access to the licensure analysts. This allows for the verifying of receipt of the required verifications which must be received by the State. The staff is helpful and pleasant to work with. Mail loss typically is not a problem with Delaware. This also assists in providing for an expedited process.

For Physicians with negative information, this State presents a more difficult process. Depending on the details, DE will require the Physician to make a Board Appearance. Significant issues (except for Malpractice Claims) can cause a denial. Physicians with Probations, Board Actions, Arrests, and Disciplinary Actions should proceed with caution and at their own risk with the Delaware Medical Board.'s Delaware Medical License Service is experiencing licensure times of 2 1/2 to 4 months for most Physicians.

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Licensure Requirements for the DE Medical Board:

- Med School Form
- Internship/Residency/Fellowship Forms
- Current Employment
- Current Privileges
- All State Licenses (past/present)
- All National Examination Scores (USMLE/FLEX/NBME)
- ECFMG Certification
- Physician References

Physician Licensing

DE Med Board  Training & Exam Requirements

  • Examinations  75% +
  • 6 attempt limit- USMLE Step 3
  • 7+ year limit- USMLE
  • 1 year PGY for USA Grads
  • 3 years PGY for Non-USA Grads
  • State Exam Accepted if Pre-1975
  • No SPEX Exam Requirement

Delaware Med Board Contact Information

Delaware Medical License

861 Silver Lake Blvd., Suite 203

Cannon Building

Dover, DE 19904

(302) 744-4500

Fax:(302) 739-2711

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Additional DE Physician Licensing Information:

If you have a clean history then DE will be an easy process. If you do not then Delaware might be a State Medical Board that you will want to avoid. We have seen Physicians with moderate negative issues who were denied by the State. Often the decisions of the Boards are arbitrary and based on the individual circumstances of the Physician and his/her application. If negative information is present then we would recommend calling the DE Board before submitting the application to get a feel from the Board concerning what will be the potential course which the State will take. Our Delaware Medical License Service can make the process streamlined and hassle free.

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