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Expedited State Medical Licensing™ is the nation's premier Physician Licensing Company. If you don't believe it, just google this question; "What is the best medical licensing service? "   Over 100,000 Physicians have utilized's Medical License Service to obtain their State Medical Board Licenses since 2001. In 2020, licensed 4% of all Physicians licensed in the 50 States. is the Recognized Industry Leader in Physician Licensing. There is only One licenses Physicians in all 50 States. Simply fill out our form and we will handle the rest. The licensure process is time consuming and requires knowledge of each State Med Boards' regulatory process. Whether you are applying for a medical license in Florida, Hawaii, New York, California, Alaska, or all the states in between, can expedite your medical license process by applying our knowledge of the licensure requirements and aggressively following up with all State Board Applications.

Covid-19 and the 300% increase in demand for Telemedicine Licenses has impacted licensure processing times. Each State has addressed the crisis in different ways. Some States have reduced the expected time frames due to the increase in man hours and/or reduction in verification requirements. Other's have furloughed employees, shut down for extended periods, or just ignored the crisis. This has caused their expected licensure time frames to increase. has seen an increase in new licensure requests by 300% since March 2019. 

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Our Process: How does our Medical License Service work?

  1. Submit your information to through our purchase services link or via a 5 minute phone consultation
  2. Email/Fax your CV to us.
  3. A pre-completed packet will arrive in 3 to 8 business days for you to proof, sign, and notarize. 
  4. Return the completed packet back to
  5. will update and submit the application to the State
  6. will submit/request all verifications from the verifying institutions
  7. will follow up with all verfications and the State Medical Board until the application is deemed complete.

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Want to know more about the IMLCC Compact Licensing Process? has successfully handled thousands of Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Comission License applications ( ILMCC Compact ). Due to the individual State Medical Boards adding their own requirements to the ILMCC process, the process can be confusing. We have provided a complete detailed report on the IMLCC which will assist you in determining your eligibility as well has arming you with information that will be needed before you proceed. Please visit our IMLCC Compact Licensing Section  to review. 


**How is COVID-19 affecting the State Medical Boards**

As with the rest of the World, Covid-19 is impacting the various State Medical Boards and the time it is taking to obtain a Medical License.

The most obvious effect of the virus on the State Medical Boards has been its' effect on State Medical Board Staffing and Staff Availability. The Boards, like every one else, has not been able to fully staff themselves to Pre-Covid Levels. Many employees have quit. More are working from home. Hiring new employees, while the Federal Government is effectively paying people to stay home, has been a challenge for them. Those who are working from home, are not able to completely perform their responsibilities. They do not have access to physical mail or physical files. They can only log into the system remotely. Mail isn't being processed in a quickly as it had been before Covid by the State Medical Boards. This all in effect translates into a slower, more inefficient process.

During this pandemic, the volume of applications being filed by physicians has increased 200% from 2019 numbers. Why? Covid-19 in effect put a spot light on Telemedicine. Telemedicine was the solution that the major health providers turned to to allow quarantined patients access to health care. This has increased demand for Multi-State Licensing by physicians who are tied to major health providers. As such, these physicians are entering the licensure market and filing applications with the various State Medical Boards.  The impact of this has been that the State Medical Boards are receiving applications from physicians who never would have filed them prior to Covid. It is creating a Back Log that is going to flow over into 2022.

Telemedicine's perception in the general market place has been main-streamed. 2020 was the first year that many in the general public used telemedicine to see a physician. What was first marketed as a means to provide medical provider access to rural patients, has now been put forth as a way to provide medical care for those who are self-quarantining. This has created a lot of buzz in the medical community and there is a Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) by many physicians who never would have considered going into Telemedicine. In 2003 we received our first 50 State order from a physician. The year that followed we put 2 physicians into 50 States.   In 2020 we put 41 physicians into all 50 States at once. We licensed 87 physicians into all 50 States in 2022. The impact of this has been that the State Medical Boards are receiving applications from physicians who never would have filed them prior to Covid. It is creating a Back Log that is going to flow over into 2022.

Covid has also impacted the way that State Medical Boards are licensing. Out of fear of handling contaminated forms/documents, some Boards are no longer handling paper. The Colorado, Oklahoma, and Delaware Medical Boards are two that come to mind. They want everything sent by email or online to them. This however is not a bad thing. Paper is inefficient but necessary in the licensure process for the majority of the Medical Boards. Being able to electronically handle the process does provide a more efficient process.

Average Licensing Time for Full Licenses ( not IMLC )

Physician's using our Medical Licensing Service are experiencing Licensing times between 60 days to 105 days for most applications.  This is measured from the date of the submission of the application to the issuance. Licensure can exceed the 115 day mark depending on the State and the Physician's background. Please contact us to for a consultation to determine a more accurate licensure time estimate. These are mean averages. Each physician brings their own issues and timeline to the table. 

Most Popular USA/Canadian Graduates Foreign Graduates
California (MD) 3-5 months 3-6 months
Florida  2-3 months (MD) 4-8 months (DO) 2-4 months
Illinois 2-4 months 4-12 months
New Jersey 2-3.5 months 2.5-4.5 months
New York 2-4 months 3-8 months
Ohio 1-4 months 1-6 months
Pennsylvania 3-5 months (MD) 3-12 months (DO) 5-12 months
Texas 3-6 months 3-8 months
Massachusetts 4-9 months 4-12 months
Wisconsin Longer than you can wait

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Georgia 4-8 months

4-8 months

* Please note, that if you have hard dead-lines in which you require that the license to be issued, please call us prior to submitting your order. There are some States that are not hard timeline friendly. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • The Physician's Background
  • Board Staff Negligence
  • The State's Licensure Verification Process
  • The State's Licensure  Policies and Procedures
  • The Board's Lack of State Funding


Wisconsin Medical Board Update:

The Wisconsin Medical Board is taking up to 4-6 months to perform first reviews. Expect extended licensure time frames.


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Need a Fast Medical License?

If you need a Medical License Fast and it doesn't matter where then consider the following States:

# 1 - Indiana Medical Board

The Indiana Medical Board can issue a Temporary License in 2 weeks given that everything falls into place. Indiana has limited certification requirements which allows for an expedited process. The verifications which are required are limited to the NPDB-HIPDB report, Med School Transcripts, Exam Scores, and State License verficiations. Most licenses with Indiana are issued between 1 1/2 to 3 months.

# 2 - Michigan Medical Board

The Michigan Medical Board is the only State with True Reciprocity. If a Physician has held an active License in the USA for at least 10 years, then the only verifications which are required are State License Certifications. Most licenses with Michigan are issued within 1 1/2 months to 3 months. If a Physician hasn't held a license for 10 years then the Physician's Medical School, State Licenses, and Board Scores have to be sent to the Indiana.

# 3 - New York Medical Board

For Domestic Graduates, New York is one of the fastest States in the USA. Why? New York does not verify Employment, Privileges, Malpractice, or Medical Licenses. Because we only have to verify the physician's Med School, Training Hospitals, and Exam Scores. The process typically is complete and NY Med Licenses are issued between 1 1/2 to 3 months. The internal mail system with New York runs between 2-4 weeks. International Graduates can have a much longer licensure time frame due to the mandated FCVS Requirement for IMG's. launches a YouTube Channel! has set up an informational licensure channel which will address  each State's and IMLCC licensure process. Other topics will also be covered such as record keeping, Jurisprudence, avoiding Board Complaints, proper prescribing, and other topics to help mitigate the potential issues that can harm a physician's career.

Our channel can be found at this link:


Worst States to Apply:

Full Licenses - Not ILMC /Compact:
#1 Virgin Islands
  • Extremely High Verification Loss
  • Arbitrary Approval Process
  • Lack of Communication from the Medical Board
  • No online check list
  • SPEX Exam Required

#2 Florida Osteopathic Board 

  •  1-3 hour holds to talk to representative
  •  Current Licensing Staff are not pulling mail or verification from online systems. Verifications are requested and sent multiple times due to internal problems with Board Members.
  •  Most applications have to be escalated to Board Management to address mail issues
  •  Board Representatives are ignoring emails and update requests
  •  Licensure time frames running 3-8 months whereas their sister Board - the Florida Medical Board is only taking 1 1/2 - 3 months with same exact process.
#3 Massachusetts (moved down 1 spot 11/16/21)
  • 10 year Malpractice Coverage Verification Requirement
  • Long initial review process - up to 3-5 months
  • 180 day shelf life on all Verifications and Applications
  • Re-Verifications can cause domino affect on process 
#4 Delaware
  • Long review time frames
  • Board is 3 months behind on first reviews (2/25/22)
  • Common rejection of verifications from third parties
  • Verifications are frequently lost by the Board
  • Licensure time frames of 5-12 months is common

#5 Wisconsin

  • Applications are backlogged by 3-4 months as of 2/25/22
  • Mail is backlogged by up to 2 months
  • Applications cannot be escalated.
  • Licensure time frames are 6-12 months
#6 Minnesota
  • Excessive Verifications required. 
  • Process penalizes older physicians
  • Process penalizes physicians with a large number of hospital affiliations
  • Board is backlogged due to volume of applications and COVID
  • SPEX State if not - ABMS < 10 years
#7 South Dakota
  • 4 step process  to actually submit the application. Typically takes a month to get the application into the Board
  • Board requests employment, medical school, and training verifications directly. 
  • Old School Licensure process causes longer processing times
  • Application is only good for 4 months. High expiration rate due to the Board controlling the verification process

#8 Indiana (moved down 6 spots 2/25/22)

  • Covid has adversely impacted the Indiana Medical Board
  • Loss of Experienced Board Licensure Staff Members/New Licensure Staff at Board - Inexperience is causing issues with process 
  • Mail Loss has increased