The Nation's Premier Physician Licensing Service Since 2001™ is the nation's premier Expedited Physician Licensing Company. 140,000 Medical Licenses  issued since our founding in 2001.  Over 50,000 Doctors have used's Physician Licensure Service over the last 22 years to obtain their State Medical Board Licenses since 2001. In 2022, licensed 4% of all Doctors licensed in the United States. is the recognized industry leader in Medical Licensing

50 States. One Seamless Process. can expedite Medical Licensing for Doctors in all 50 States. Simply fill out our form, and we will handle the rest. The licensure process is time-consuming and requires knowledge of each State Med Board's regulatory process. Whether you are applying for a medical license in Florida, New York, California, Alaska, Oregon, or all the states in between, can facilitate your medical licensure process by applying our knowledge of the state requirements and aggressively following up with all State Board Applications.

Our Process: How does our Medical License Service work?

  1. Submit your information to through our website  or via a 5-minute phone consultation (770-456-5932)
  2. Email your CV to us.
  3. A pre-completed packet will be provided for you to proof and sign off on.
  4. Return or Upload the completed packet back to
  5. updates and submits each application to the State(s)
  6. requests all primary source verifications from the required schools, hospitals, boards, & institutions
  7. regularly follows up with all verifying institutions to ensure completion of the required verifications
  8. regularly follows up with the State Medical Boards until each confirms that the applications are complete.

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Want to know more about the IMLC Compact Licensing Process? has successfully handled many Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Commission License applications ( ILMC Compact ). Due to the individual State Medical Boards adding their own requirements to the ILMC process, the process can be confusing.

We have provided a complete detailed report on the Compact IMLC, which will assist you in determining your eligibility and arm you with information that will be needed before you proceed. Our service fees for IMLC Compact Licensing is discounted compared to the Full Traditional Medical Licensing process. For a physician who qualifies to participate in the Compact IMLC, it is the preferred method of licensure.


For more information, please visit our section on the IMLC here  -  IMLC Compact Licensing Section.   


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