Military Medical License Services provides special pricing for Active Military Physicians. Our normal rate is $739.00 for the First State. Our rate for Active Military Physicians is only $509.00 per State! Active-Duty Military Physicians receive significant discounts with because of their Sacrificial Service to our Country. Our fee covers the cost of administrating, processing, and proofing your Medical License Applications and related documents. Our fee does not include the various fees charged by the state boards, national boards, PGT Facilities, Medical Schools, and other entities which charge physicians for primary source documentation. These fees are not related to's administration fee. We understanding that the freedom's which we enjoy in America are not free. They are insured by the brave men and women who embraced self sacrifice and put themselves on line to insure that the generations which followed would enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Your service is appreciated. provides Medical Licensing services for Physicians / Doctors and most Health Care Professionals with all 50 State Medical Boards. Simply complete our online information request and we will handle the rest. The medical license process is time consuming and requires knowledge of each State Medical Board's regulatory process. Whether you are applying for a license with the Florida Medical Board, New York Medical Board, California Medical Board, Georgia Medical Board, or all of the Medical Boards in between, can expedite your medical licensing process by applying our knowledge of the licensure requirements.

Expedited Licensure

The State Medical License process is time consuming and arduous. Your time is too valuable to be spent on completing forms, licking envelopes, sending emails, and making phones calls over and over again. That is why exists. We can make the paths straight and reduce the time it takes to complete your Medical License Application. To initiate the process, simply complete our form, forward to your CV', and then await for your licensure packet to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Once you return the packet, then will handle everything. It is that easy.

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