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If you have tried to contact the Puerto Rico Medical Board, then you have discovered that just getting someone on the phone is a supernatural event. The Board doesn't answer emails or answer their phone. If you are able to have someone at the Board answer the phone, the chances are that that person cannot help you and that you will be told to call back and speak to another person who can. The Puerto Rico Medical Board does not have a website that works or an online application. 

With the large influx of "non-resident" Physicians from the 50 States into Puerto Rico to take advantage of their 5% income tax rule, the Puerto Rico Medical Board ( and Nursing Board ) has added additional burdens upon the English speaking practitioners which by design create additional obstacles to obtaining the required license. Most recently the Physician Medical Board has added new CME Requirements. The CMEs are only offered in Spanish. What is an English Speaking Physician to do? The Nursing Board just eliminated its' English Version of its' application. It no longer accepts the English Version. All applicants now have to submit the application in Spanish. 

Puerto Rico Medical Board Licensing Information:

  • The fee paid to Puerto Rico is $1250.00
  • YOU WILL NEED TWO LICENSED Puerto Rico Physicians to complete the Puerto Rico Medical Board Reference Form. The best source for this requirement typically can be found in the facility/employer in Puerto Rico which is requesting that you apply for a license with the Puerto Rico Medical Board
  • YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE a Board Sponsored CME Course which is in SPANISH
  • The process with the Puerto Rico Medical Board typically cycles on a bi-weekly basis. As such updates are going to have an accuracy of 14 days give or take.  
  • The Puerto Rico Medical Board loses 20-25% of the mail sent to them. This causes delays. The process grinds slowly with this medical board and as such has to be built into the expected time frame for issuance of the Medical License
  • The Fee which charges for Puerto Rico is $1999.00.   The reason for this is that we have a much higher base line cost to handle the process for Puerto Rico due to the unique requirements of the Puerto Rico Medical Board process.

If you wish to apply to the Puerto Rico Medical Board through - then click the purchase  button at the top of the website.


License Verifications Sent By Mail from the Puerto Rico Medical Board:

Used for State Medical Licensing Applications

We are only offer this service for Active Licenses. If you have an inactive Puerto Rico Medical Board License, then we will not provide this service to you. Don't submit the order to if the license is Inactive.

We are now offering Direct License verification of Puerto Rico Medical Licenses and Examination Scores to Physicians, Hospitals, and Employers. To initiate this process here are the steps which must be taken: 1- The Physicians Puerto Rico License # 2- Submit the online service request.

In order to complete this transaction you must provide the Physician's Medical Registry Number in addition to the License Number.

Once   received, the request will be forwarded to the Puerto Rico Medical Board.  If the verification is lost in transit from Puerto Rico to the Medical Board or Institution who will receive the verification, it will be resent at no charged to you. Here is our price matrix for Puerto Rico Based Services is as follows:

  • Puerto Rico License Verification by Mail $279.00
  • Puerto Rico Examination Scores $279.00 

License Verifications Sent by E-Mail:

Used for Employment, Hospital, Insurance Credentialing

  • Puerto Rico License Verification by Email $199.00 ** Only available for Active Licenses

The cost of this service is $199.00. The turn around time is 2-3 business days. All submitted orders are final and no refunds will be given. This service will only show/verify that the license number in question is active and the expiration date of the license. It will not provide the issue date. If you need the issue date, then you will need to order the $279 Service. 

How does our Emailed Puerto Rico Verification Work?

  • Locate the Physician's Puerto Rico License Number and the Puerto Rico Medical Registry Number. Do not submit the order unless you have both. Submitted orders without these two numbers will be deleted.
  • Submit your order through our website
  • will access the Puerto Rico system and email the direct source/real time verification to your email
  • Most State Medical Boards will not accept an emailed verification from PR. For State Licensing Applications - you need the $279 service. The $199 service is primarly utilized for Employment, Insurance, and Hospital Credentialing

Order a Puerto Rico License Verification  

You must provide your Puerto Rico License Number & Registry Number with the order form. If you do not provide this, the order will not be processed.


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