Virginia Medical Board License Service is averaging 75  to 115 days for the issuance of a Virginia Medical License from the submission of the application to the Medical Board to the issuance of the Physician Virginia Medical License for Domestic Graduates. The process with Virginia is typical as with the majority of the other State Medical Boards. In addition to the standard core educational and training verifications, Virginia does directly verify the physician's employment and privileges for the past 5 years. Roughly 45% of the State Medical Board verify Employment and Privileges. For those physician's without significant negatives, the Virginia Medical Board typically issues the license once the file is deemed complete and does not require a mandated Board Meeting to issue.


Medical License via Reciprocity - (For Physicians which hold an Active  District of Columbia (DC) or Maryland Medical License) 

The Medical Board of Virginia has signed into effect a Reciprocity Agreement with both the District of Columbia Medical Board and the Maryland Medical Board. If you hold an active license in Maryland or District of Columbia, then you can license in Virginia on a more expedited path. The time savings on the expedited path is about 30 days. So the licensure process which would have taken 75-115 days, now will typically take 45-85 days. The reason for this is that Virginia waives some of the verification requirements which tend to take more time to obtain if you hold an active license in DC or MD Medical License.

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IMLC Compact Participation:

Virginia is not a Member of the IMLC Compact Licensure System 


IMG's /Foreign Medical School Graduates with only 1 year of approved ACGME Training:

Virginia is one of a few State Medical Boards which only requires 1 year of approved ACGME Training in an Internshp/Residency/Fellowship for International Medical School Graduates.   Sign up today for IMG Medical Licensing


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