Medical Licensing Service

Price Points for MedLicense Services

  (Price Points are per State)
Medical License Service   $739  
State Medical License Service for Residents   $579
State Medical License Service for Active Military   $509
Multiple State Board Licensing  (discount based on volume) $719-$559
IMLCC Compact Physician Licensing  - LOQ Issuance $559
IMLCC Licensing Each additional State $219
Puerto Rico Medical Board License Service   $1999
Canadian Medical License Service  $999

Physician's w/past Suspensions/Revocations (currently licensed in good standing and practicing)

IMG Physicians seeking an Faculty/Teaching/Institutional License  $999
Registered Nurse ( RN ) License Service $379-$329
Medical License Renewal Services -  per license  $190

Standard Medical Licensing Pricing applies to all practitioner types ( i.e. MD, DO, Physician Assistants PA-C, Nurse Practitioners, Podiatrists DPM, Dentists DDS/DMD  etc. )

Price points posted above are's service fee only. Our service fee is in addition to any fees charged by the States or third parties. Any cost you would have had without MedLicense, you will have with in addition to our service fee. The average Board charges $650+ for the application. Verifications typically run $175+ for the average physician.