Medical Licensing Service

Price Points for Medical License Services

Medical License Service                                    $689  
State Medical License Service for Residents        $539
State Medical License Service for Military           $509
Multiple State Board Licensing           1st State  $689
                                                      2nd State $659
                                                       3rd State $629
                                                      4th State  $599
                                             Each Thereafter  $579
5 or More States Ordered at Once (per State)    $579
10 or More States Ordered at Once  (per State) $549
20 or More States Ordered at Once  (per State) $519
30 or More States Ordered at Once  (per State) $499
40 or More States Ordered at Once  (per State) $469

Puerto Rico Medical Board License Service        $1699

Hospital Privilege Credentialing  (per hospital/physician) $599
Physician Credentialing Verification Service (CVO)          $569
Canadian Licensing Service                                           $959
Corporate Physician Assistant Licensing Service              $569
Corporate Nurse Practitioner (APRN) Licensing Service    $679 
RN Nurse Licensing Service (per State)                          $349

Physician's with Suspensions/Revocations who are currently licensed and practicing (per State)                                                                         $959

Compact Physician Licensing   $579 to convert Existing to Primary Compact  $249 to add additional licenses

**'s fee is charged up front. When you submit the order request, the service fee will be charged.

** no longer accepts applications from Physicians who are currently under a suspension or revocation orders. We recommend that they contact another licensing company. The denial rate for these types of applications is almost 100%.

**Price points posted above are's service fee only. Our service fee is in addition to any fees charged by the States or third parties. Any cost you would have had without MedLicense, you will have with in addition to our service fee. The average Board charges $650+ for the application. Verifications typically run $175+ for the average physician. 

**All Fees charged by the State Medical Board, Institutions, and 3rd Parties are paid by the Physician.

**Refund Policy:   Refunds are provided at 100% until the Licensure Packet is delivered to the Physician. 50% once the packet is delivered up to 30 days after receipt by the Physician. 50% refunds are provided once the completed packet is returned to for destruction. Once the application packet is returned to and the application is submitted to the Medical Board, then no refund is provided regardless of the time involved.

In the event that decides to terminate the service due to unprofessional or non-courteous behavior by the physician, then will refund 100% of the Client's Service Fee.

** reserves the right to refuse service to any one.