Medical Licensing Service

Price Points for Medical License Services

State Medical License Service   $649
State Medical License Service for Residents   $499
State Medical License Service for Military   $499
Multiple State Board Licensing 1st State $649
  2nd State $609
  3rd State $579
  4th State $539
  Each Thereafter $499
5 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $499
10 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $469
20 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $449
Puerto Rico Medical Board License Service   $1699
Hospital Privilege Credentialing (per hospital) $469
Insurance Credentialing (practitioner) (per insur. co) $359
Insurance Credentialing (Facility/Practice) (per insur. co) $559
Physician Credentialing Verification Service (CVO) (per physician) $469
Document Storage (set up) $415
Medicare / Medicaid Setup   $1200
Licensing Service for other Countries (Non-USA) $4900
Canadian Licensing Service   $959
Corporate Physician Assistant Licensing Service   $569
Corporate Nurse Practitioner (APRN) Licensing Service   $649
RN Nurse Licensing Service (per State)   $349
Physician's with Suspensions/Revocations (per State)   $959

Price points posted above are the service fee only. 

All Fees charged by the State Medical Board, Institutions, and 3rd Parties are paid by the Physician.

Refund Policy:   Refunds are provided at 100% until the Licensure Packet is delivered to the Physician. 50% once the packet is delivered up to 30 days after receipt by the Physician. 50% refunds are provided once the completed packet is returned to for destruction.