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Tennessee Medical Board License Service

With the Tennessee Medical Board, is averaging 2 to 3 1/2 months for the issuance of a Tennessee Medical License for Domestic Graduates from the submission of the application to the Medical Board to the issuance of the Physician Tennessee Medical Board. Our firm has licensed Physicians in Tennessee since April 2000. In an average year, will handle between 30 to 35 Tennessee Medical License Applications. We understand the process and what needs to be completed to have your application finalized. Once the files are deemed complete by the Tennessee Medical Board the Medical License is issued. The Tennessee Medical Board will not require a Physical Interview.

Tennessee only communicates via their "blue" Letter. This letter is suppose to be sent out once a week but actually a Physician might get 2 or 3 during the process. Communication is key to the process and as such we usually have to make several attempts per week to get someone on the line at Tennessee who will provide a list of what Applications remain outstanding.

Tennessee is considered an "Adverse Board". An Adverse Board is a Medical Board that tends to obsess over negative issues. A physician is typically guilty until proven innocent with this type of Medical Board. Issues which other Boards will not have a problem with, Tennessee tends to be more aggressive with. Malpractice typically is not considered adverse by Medical Boards. Probations, Board Actions, Arrests, and Disciplinary Actions are what we consider to be Adverse Actions.

Tennessee applications have an artificial time limit of 90 days from the filing. This puts artificial pressure and stress on the process. If all verifications are not acknowledged as received by the TN Board within 90 days of the application's filing date, the application will be expired by the TN Medical Board. 

Whether you are a USA Graduate or a Graduate of a Foreign Medical School, our process can move this arduous process through within a time period that will meet you needs. Your involvement in the process is kept to a minimum, with handling the vast majority of the process. The fee for our services is a one time payment of $649 (if you are practicing) or $499 (if you are in training) per State Process. Our packet is shipped to you after a 5-10 min consultation. Sign, notarize, and proof your application packet and then return it to with the requested copies, photos, and addendums. Then will forward the completed packet to the Tennessee Medical Board. Then the certification process begins along with the required follow up with the third parties and Tennessee Medical Board. All that you have to do is start the process with MedLic

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