Connecticut Medical Board License Service

Connecticut's process is an efficient processes in the USA. The Staff is extremely helpful. They experience very little certification loss in their mail room. Physicians who have negative issues are given a fair review and hearing of the facts. The licensing times experienced with Connecticut vary between 75 to 115 days depending on whether a Physician is a Domestic or Foreign Med School Graduate.

The biggest issue with the Connecticut Physician Board is the availability of an licensure analysts. In order to determine what is missing from a physicians application we have to be able to periodically contact the Board to determine what is still needed. The Connecticut Med Board typically is slow to respond to emails, most calls go to voice mail, and call backs are infrequent. Most of our time with the State is involved in getting them on the line to obtain updates. Outside of this, they has a very streamlined process. is experiencing licensure times of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months for Connecticut for most Physicians.

Additional Connecticut Medical License Service Information:

The process with the Connecticut Medical Board is streamlined and efficient. is hitting our time estimates consistently with our Connecticut Medical License Service. Physicians with negative actions or issues are given a fair hearing and under most circumstances are issued as long as the issue is not a current issue or a hinderance to the practice of Medicine.

IMLC Compact Participation:

The Connecticut Medica Board  is a Participating State in the IMLC Compact System but it is not a Sponsoring Member. If you qualify for participating in the IMLCC Compact then we can license you in Connecticut through that system.   The IMLCC licensing process with Connecticut typically runs about 30 days   Sign up today for IMLC Licensing

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