California Medical Board License Service

You have probably heard horror stories concerning the Medical Board of California. It can be a difficult process. Our firm has licensed Physicians in California since April 2000. In an average year, will handle between 120 to 150 CA License Applications. We understand the process and what needs to be completed to have your application finalized. The California MD Medical Board, during good years, typically  takes 3 1/2 to 5  months to issue a license after the application is filed. In years where the California State Government is experiencing Budgetary Constraints and Issues, the process becomes extended. USA Graduate or a Graduate of a Foreign Medical School will benefit from our CA Med License Service. can move this arduous process through to completion. Your involvement in the process is kept to a minimum. The fee for our services is a one time payment of $739 (if you are practicing) or $579 (in training). Our packet is shipped to you submit to us our online order form ( order form link ) or after a 5-10 min consultation. You will Sign, notarize, and proof your application packet and then return it to with the requested copies, photos, and addendums. Then will forward the completed packet to the California Medical Board. Then the verification process begins. We will contact the Board and various required parties until all required verifications have been sent to the Medical Board of California. Once California deems that your file is complete, then the license is typically issued within 1-4 weeks by the Board. 


Additional California Medical License Service Information:

CA Med Board has extended the time it takes to perform their first review of submitted California Med License applications. Until the first review occurs, the role of is to insure that all required verifications are forwarded to the CA Medical Board. The acceptance of the verifications is determined by California Medical License Service at the first review. In the event that a verification is rejected, then the verification will be resent by the institution in questions. CA typically has a high failure rate in the Internship, Residency, and Fellowship Verification Forms. The reason for this is that the form requires the Current Program Director who is listed as such by the ACGME must read through the form very carfully and check a number of small boxes. Then the hospital must apply its seal or have the form notarized. Often times, in their rush to complete the form, boxes are missed or instructions are not followed.

California is not a participating State in the IMLCC Compact Licensing Agreement. All physicians which seek to obtain a Medical License in the State of California are required to file an Full License Application via Endorsement or Examination with the State Medical Board in order to be issued the California Medical License. Physicians who are based in California are not able to use their California Medical Licenses to receive approval and access to the IMLCC Compact Licensing System


The California Medical Board does not license D.O. Degreed Physicians.  Osteopathic Physicians are licensed by the California Osteopathic Medical Board. Information about the California Osteo Board can be found at our California Osteopathic Medical License link. 


IMLC Compact Participation:


The California Medical Board IS NOT a member of the IMLCC Compact Licensure System.  

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