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The California Medical Board has a reputation for being a difficult State Medical Boards in which to obtain a license. There is good cause for this but we believe that this reputation is overstated. First we will cover the process of licensing with the Med Board of CA. The Med Board of CA requires that each Physician submit a set of Fingerprint cards or travel to California to complete the LiveScan process. highly recommends that the Physician travel to California to complete the LiveScan process instead of submitting Fingerprint Cards. Why? Fingerprint cards take 2 to 4 months to process. The license will not be issued until the FBI report is returned to California. The FBI Fingerprint Cards are rejected 10 to 15% because the prints are smudged, low quality, or indistinguishable. If this happens then new cards must be submitted and the process is extended another 2 to 4 months. However with the LiveScan process, the report is submitted to California Medical Board 3 days after the Scan takes place. Our California Medical License Service has handled 5000 California Applications since 2001 and not one has been rejected. After the California Medical Board application is submitted, the Verifications have been requested, the Doctor/ will wait until 30 to 45 days have passed before contacting the State Board. California has a strict policy against contacting the California Medical Board prior to this waiting period. With most physicians once a reviewer is assigned , then the license is issued 2 to 6 weeks later. In the event that a verification is rejected , lost (USPS or CA ) while in transit, or never received by California then a letter is sent to the Doctor detailing what items are still needed. The majority of our clients are complete at first review and thus receive the license 5 to 10 days later. The exception to this rule are Foreign Trained Doctors who completed US Based Clinical Clerkships during their fourth or fifth year. Each Clinical Clerkship has to be verified through the Department. Most hospitals do not have clerkshp records and thus the process is considerably delayed. For Physicians with negative information, the CA Med Board can be problematic. There is a lack of recourse with CA Medical Board decisions. It seems that the Board has the ability to reject/deny an application based solely on the reviewer's opinion for any negative found/disclosed about the Doctor's file. Typically no hearing is required and the rejection can be arbitrary. Once a rejection is issued there seems to be little or no recourse to remedy the problem in the courts. If a Physician has a clean history, the California will be a smooth process with licensure times that stay in line with other Medical Boards. If Physician has negatives then the process will be extended and could be problematic.

Additional California Medical License Service Information:

The CA Med Board typically takes 45 to 90 days to perform their first review of submitted California Med License applications. Until the first review occurs, the role of is to insure that all required verifications are forwarded to the CA Medical Board. The acceptance of the verifications is determined by California Medical License Service at the first review. In the event that a verification is rejected, then the verification will be resent by the institution in questions. CA typically has a high failure rate in the Internship, Residency, and Fellowship Verification Forms. (L3ab form). The reason for this is that the form requires the Current Program Director who is listed as such by the ACGME must read through the form very carfully and check a number of small boxes. Then the hospital must apply its seal or have the form notarized. Often times, in their rush to complete the form, boxes are missed or instructions are not followed. The Medical Board of California DOES NOT accept the full FCVS Packet. If you have a packet in place, we are still going to have to directly verify your training and your med school. The L2 and L5 forms will be sent to the Med School to be verified. Your Medical School Diploma will have to be certified by the School. California Medical License Service does not accepted the Diploma and the FCVS Med School verification form to this date.

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