State Medical Licensure Information

The State Medical License process is time consuming and arduous. Your time is too valuable to be spent on completing forms, licking envelopes, sending emails, and making phones calls over and over again. understands that managing the lengthy State Medical License process can be a hassle. Your time is precious. That is why we exists. We can make the paths straight and reduce the time it takes to complete your Expedited Medical License Application. To initiate our Physician Medical License Service, simply complete our form, forward to your CV, and then await for your licensure packet to arrive in 3 to 8 business days. Once you return the packet, then will handle everything. It is that easy.

Average Licensure Time:

Currently is experiencing Medical Licensing time between 60 days to 120 days for most applications. This is measured from the date of the submission of the application to the issuance of the license. Licensure can exceed the 120 day mark depending on the State Medical Board and the Physician's background. does not warranty or guarantee the issuance of a license or specific time frames/periods in which a license will be issued.  Please contact us to for a consultation to determine a more accurate licensure time estimates.