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California Osteopathic Medical License

The California Osteopathic Medical License process requires that each Physician submit a set of Fingerprint cards or travel to CA to participate in the LiveScan process. Livescan is preferable but not required. Why? Fingerprint cards take 2 to 4 months to process. The license will not be issued until the Clearance Check is returned to California by the FBI. 10 to 25% of the Cards are rejected by the FBI because the prints are smudged, low quality, or indistinguishable. However with the LiveScan process, the report is returned to California 3 days after the Scan takes place. We have handled 250 Osteo California Osteo Med Board Applications since 2001 and not one Application has been rejected. The Verification Load for the Osteo Medical Board of CA is light. For Physicians with negative information, CA can be problematic/extended. If a Physician has a clean history, then our California Osteopathic Medical License Service will provide a smooth licensure process with licensure times that stay in line with other Medical Boards in the Nation.

Additional California Osteo Medical Board Licensing Information:

The CA Osteo Board typically takes 30 to 60 days to perform their first review of submitted medical license applications. Until the first review occurs, the role of is to insure that all of the required verifications are sent to CA. "Hurry up and wait" certainly applies to the CA Osteo Med Board. Once the application is deemed complete, the application goes to the Director's Office for approval. typically sees licenses completed and issued between 2 to 3 1/2 months for most physicians.

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