Washington Osteo Licensing Services

The Washington Osteopathic Medical Board has a typical process. Most of the physician's timeline is verified by the Washington Medical Board. It takes the Washington Medical Board 2 to 3 weeks to process applications after receipt. After submitting the Washington Medical License Application, the Washington Osteopathic  Medical Board will process and notify the physician of the deficiencies necessary to complete the application within a couple of weeks. The Washington Osteopathic Medical Board provides  access to the licensure analysts.   The staff is helpful and pleasant to work with. Mail loss is usually not a problem with the Washington Osteo Medical Board. This also assists in providing for an expedited process.

A mandatory FBI Fingerprint Check is required for all applicants. MedLicense.com is experiencing licensure times of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months for the Washington Medical License for most Physicians.


IMLC Compact Participation:

The Washington Osteopathic Medical Board is a Sponsoring Member of the IMLCC Compact Licensure System. If you qualify for participating in the IMLCC Compact then we can license you in Washington through that system.   The IMLCC licensing process with Washington typically runs about 30 days   Sign up today for IMLC Licensing

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