Medical Licensing Service

District of Columbia Medical License Service

With the DC Med Board we are experiencing licensing times 90 to 160 days depending on whether a Physician is a Domestic or Foreign Medical School Graduate. The time it takes to obtain a DC Medical License will be determined by who is assigned to your file by the DC Medical Board. Some analyst at DC are more efficient and responsive than others. The Board requires that all educational, training, and work history since High School be verified directly with DC. DC typically does not issue exemptions to their requirements.

Included in the verification load is International Training and Employment. This can be quite daunting for an International Medical Graduate to over come. DC will require a letter from every place where the physician has worked no matter the location(within the past 5 years).

Additional DC Medical License Service Information:

The DC Med Board does not typically grant exceptions to their Educational, Training, and Examination Requirements. In 11 years we have had 3 physicians who sought to obtain exemptions to their rules and each was forced to withdrawal their applications are face denials. As such if you don't meet the requirements then you probably are better off not applying. Our physicians who license with the DC Med Board typically will license with the Virginia Medical Board and Maryland Medical Board at the same time due to the proximity of both to DC. We offer a package deal for these three States together. The Rate for the three is $1737.00 instead of the normal rate of $1837.00.

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