Hawaii Medical Board License Service

The Hawaii Physician License typically takes 45 to 120 days to issue from the date that the application is filed with the HI Med Board. All work history and employment for the past 5 years is required to be verified. The Hawaii Med Board does not recognize the LMCC Examination. (One of 5 State Boards that do not). Hawaii tends to be strict concerning their Educational, Training, and Examination Requirements. The State has a standard licensure process. Hawaii does not offer a Temporary License. Typically it is not needed. The Hawaii Medical Board does not require the applications to go before a Board Meeting to be approved.

Typically waivers are not granted to their posted Examination and Educational Requirements. They are one of the few Med Boards which do not require all Arrests and Convictions to be reported. The Physician is only required to report offenses that are within a general time window from the filing of the medical license application.

Additional Hawaii Medical Board Licensing Information:

MedLicense.com can move the Hawaii Medical License process through quickly. The Board Members are typically accessible and the Board processes applications quickly. There is not a Mandatory Board Appearance Requirement. Fingerprint Background checks are not required. Hawaii has a streamlined process and verifies the Physician's Core Credentials.

IMLC Compact Participation:

The Hawaii Medical Board currently is NOT a Sponsoring Member of the IMLCC Compact Licensure System.  Hawaii did vote to approve admittance into the ILMC Compact in 2023. The Hawaii Board has not implemented the licensure process as of 11/2023.  Once the IMLC Compact License System is implemented by Hawaii, we will update this information.  

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