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Physician Credentialing Verification Service

Your practice has hired a physician. However the real work has just begun. You now have to Credential the Physician in order to be in compliance with the Joint Commission (formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) accreditation. What do you do? You can assume the task yourself and bog down your credentialing office with hours and hours of requests, emails, phone calls, and research OR you can allow to handle it for you. Allowing to credential your Physicians and then maintain their credentialing is a much smarter, efficient decision.

Joint Commission standards require that the verification process of a physician's background retain the integrity of primary source. Primary Source simply means that the required verification was delivered to you directly from the verifying body. Unfortunately the process can be problematic and time consuming. offers a clear, efficient solution to Hospitals, Insurers, and Physician Practices. Our specialty is State Medical Board Licensure (The most extreme and problematic type of primary source credentialing that is in existence). Our professional services push the licensure process through to the State Medical Boards in an abbreviated fashion, delivering the issued medical licenses to the Physicians in a time span that meets their needs. These same services and protocols are applied to the Physician Credentialing process to insure an expedited, trouble free credentialing cycle.

How the Physician Credentialing Process Works:

  • Our short order form is completed
  • A copy of the physician's CV is provided
  • Releases are emailed to the physician for signatures
  • All verification requests are processed out
  • follows up with the verifying parties
  • The completed credentialing packet is sent to the client

Who us our Typical Client?

Our Physician Credentialing Verification Service (CVO) is utilized by Hospitals, Insurance Companies, Physician Groups, Telemedicine Groups, Prison Systems, and Indian Healthcare Systems. Our CVO Service provides a complete initial hire solution as well as an annual recredentialing solution for those entities which are required to fully credentialing their healthcare practitioners.

Our Physician Credentialing Process:

The following will be direct source verified:

  • Identity
  • Social Security Number
  • Criminal Background History
  • Undergraduate Transcripts
  • Medical School Transcripts
  • Medical School Dean's Letter
  • Internship/Residency/Fellowships
  • Employment for the past 5,10 yrs
  • Privileges for the past 5,10 yrs
  • Physician References
  • Board Certification Status
  • FSMB Board Action Report
  • AMA Profile
  • DEA Registration Status
  • Medical Board Licenses
  • The DataBank
  • Previous Malpractice Coverage

Do you have questions about our service? Want to know how our program can be implemented to quickly and seemlessly into your medical staff office protocols? 

Do you have a population of physicians which need to be credentialed efficiently and quickly? Our program is proven. We can make an over whelming obstacle into an opporturnity for your company.

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