International Physicians relocating to the USA

Step by Step Guide for International Physicians seeking a Full USA Medical License:

  • Obtain your ECFMG Certificate
  • Pass the first 2 Steps of the USMLE
  • Enter the ERAS Match
  • Complete 2-3 years of Residency in the USA
  • Pass the 3rd Step of the USMLE
  • Apply for a Medical License in the USA


Physician Licensing in the USA without the USMLE or Approved Training

There is only one Medical Board in the USA which will consider licensing a physician who has not completed the required USMLE Examination Sequence and minimum required ACGME Training ( USA Internship, Residency, or Fellowship ). The New York State Board of Medicine has a licensure option called "Endorsement Licensure" which will allow some International Physicians license in the State of New York without attempting to pass the USMLE or completed 3  years of ACGME Training ( PGT ) in the USA. Please review the requirements here to see if you qualify.  New York Medical Board License Requirements

Faculty & Institutional Medical Licenses provides Faculty & Institutional Physician Licensing Services. This type of license typically waives Examination and Training Requirements that are mandated by all State Medical Boards in the USA. However, the trade off is that the Physician can only "practice medicine" in conjunction with their teaching duties at the Medical School or Teaching Hospital which has made the Job Offer to them. What do you need to know about these licenses? See below:

  • Typically waives USMLE Exam Requirements
  • Typically waives ACGME PGT Training Requirements
  • Requires a job offer at an Approved Medical School or Teaching Hospital
  • Is time limited with limited number of renewals allowed
  • Limits the practice of medicine to teaching duties at the Medical School or Teaching Hospital


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