Medical Licensing Service

Puerto Rico Medical License Verification provides physician and other Healthcare Practitioner License Verification Services. If you have a practitioner licensed in the Territory of Puerto Rico and you need a license verification validating the practitioners Medical / Health Care License, then can have this delivered to you. The reason this service is offered is because the Puerto Rico Medical Board and other related Boards are very difficult to get in touch with. Their online system doesn't work. The credentialing standards with the State Medical Boards, Nursing Boards, and other Healthcare Licensing Boards require direct source verification of the applicants licenses. The license application will never be approved without the verification of all licenses including the license with Puerto Rico. We have a verification system that works and can have the license verification from Puerto Rico delivered in a timely manner to the correct State Medical Board or Institution. Puerto Rico Physician Medical License Verification Services for State Medical Board Licensing or Institutional Credentialing.

There are two types of license verifications which are obtained from the Puerto Rico Medical Board and other Puerto Rico Health Boards. They are as follows:

  • Direct Source License Verification mailed by the Puerto Rico Board to the State Medical Healthcare Board in the USA
  • Direct Source License Verification emailed to the Institutional Contact by

What is the difference between the two?    Below you we have provided the details of each. Please review each to determine which meets your needs.

License Verifications Sent By Mail from the Puerto Rico Medical Board:

Utilized for State Medical Boards and other State Healthcare Licensing Boards


We offer a service that provides Direct License Verification of Puerto Rico Medical Licenses and Examination Scores to Physicians, Hospitals, and Employers. Mailed License Verification are considered "Direct Source" Verification for all State Medical Boards, State Healthcare Boards, Medicaid, and Institutions which have a very high Credentialing Threshold. 

In order to complete this transaction you must provide the Physician's Medical Registry Number in addition to the License Number. Once   received, the request will be forwarded to the Puerto Rico Medical Board.  If the verification is lost in transit from Puerto Rico to the Medical Board or Institution who will receive the verification, it will be resent at no charged to you. Our service fee for Mailed Puerto Rico License Verifications is as follows:

  • Puerto Rico License Verification by Mail $279.00
  • Puerto Rico Examination Scores $279.00 

Puerto Rico can only verify Active Licenses. This is because the Puerto Rico Medical Board cannot verify an expired license. The Physician actually has to renew the expired Puerto Rico Medical License before the Board will provide a license verification.

License Verifications Sent by E-Mail:

Used for Employment, Hospital, Insurance Credentialing

For license verifications which are required by most Hospitals, Institutions, Employers, and Insurance Credentialing, can provide an expedited verification from the Puerto Rico Medical Board or other Health Care Boards via Email. Please note, that Puerto Rico License Verifications which are sent by Email  will not contain  the issue date of the license. If you are required to have this in the verification, then you will be required to order the Mailed License Verification Service. The vast Majority of the State Medical Boards and Healthcare Boards will not accept the emailed license verification from Puerto Rico due to the fact that it does not list the Issue Date and that the License Verification is not directly sent by PR to the target board. If you are applying for a State Medical License in another State then please use the Mailed License Verification Option. 

  • Puerto Rico License Verification by Email $199.00 

The cost of this service is $199.00. The turn around time is 2-3 business days. All submitted orders are final and no refunds will be given. 

How does our Emailed Puerto Rico Verification Work?

  • Locate the Physician's Puerto Rico License Number and the Puerto Rico Medical Registry Number. Do not submit the order unless you have both. Submitted orders without these two numbers cannot be processed
  • Submit your order through our website
  • will access the Puerto Rico system and email the direct source/real time verification to your email
  • Most State Medical Boards will not accept an emailed verification from PR. For State Licensing Applications - you need the $279 service. The $199 service is primarly utilized for Employment, Insurance, and Hospital Credentialing


You must provide your Puerto Rico License Number & Registry Number with the order form. If you do not provide this, the order will not be processed.