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Virgin Islands Medical License Service

Unfortunately, has decided to no longer accept applications for the Virgin Islands. In 2018, the Virgin  Island Medical Board denied a fully qualified, Board Certified Physician with no adverse issues. After 6 months of being informed by the Virgin Islands Medical Board that none of his verifications had been received (which prompted the same required verifications to be sent to the VI Medical Board 3-6 times each), the physician suddenly received a letter stating that he was being denied due to the fact that his training was not ACGME approved.  

The physician was an Osteopath.  He held a D.O. Degree not an M.D. Degree. His training was AOA approved, not AMA approved. Certainly the Virgin Islands Medical Board knows the difference between the AMA and the AOA, the ACGME and the AOA? Right? 

The physician hired an attorney and filed the required appeals. He was assisted in his appeal by a State Senator of the Virgin Islands who worked as his Advocate during the appeals process. It turns out that the Virgin Island Medical Board does not want physicians from the States coming into the Virgin Islands to practice medicine. I was told that the goal is to limit competition in the Virgin Islands. The physician, after 18 months, received the license to practice medicine in the Virgin Islands. We stayed with him through the entire process and provided the needed documentation to reveal the incompetence/complicity of the Board Members who were handling his case. The Board was forced to issue the license given that we demonstrated that they had violated their own policies and rules in their denial of the fully qualified physician. 

We cannot in good conscience attempt to put physicians into this Territory when the approval process has been proven to be arbitrary. 

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