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With the Michigan Medical Board, is averaging 60 to 110 days for the issuance of a Michigan Medical License from the submission of the application to the Medical Board to the issuance of the Physician Michigan Medical License for Domestic Graduates. International Graduates who cannot apply via Reciprocity might take longer due to the direct certification of the International Medical School.

The Michigan Medical Board has one of the slower Mail Systems in the USA. Only Illinois and New York rival the inefficiency of the Michigan State Education Department. When a certification arrives, irregardless of the delivery method, the Medical Board will not receive and log in the certification for 2 to 6 weeks depending on the current incoming mail load and time of year. The busiest time of the year for Michigan and other Medical Boards is from May to August. This is due to the mass of applications which are filed by Residents who are graduating or seeking to moon light in Michigan. Because of this the minimum time frame for the issuance of a Michigan Medical License runs around 45 days. Very few applications for Domestic Graduates surpass the 90 day mark from the point of filing with unless the physician graduated from an International Medical School which is not responding to the certification requests.

Michigan offers "True Reciprocity". If a physician has held a USA or Canadian Medical License (Full Active) for 10 or more years, then Michigan will issue a license based solely on the Physician's past Licensure History. This means that the Doctor does not have to verify the Medical School, or Internship/Residency/Fellowship. As such the requirements for these are dropped by the Michigan Medical Board. A physician who is an International Medical School Graduate is treated the same way as a Domestic Medical School graduate if the doctor has held a State Medical Board License for 10 or more years.

Michigan has ruled that Puerto Rico Medical Licenses will not be considered for Reciprocity due to the Fraud that was discovered in 2006 with members of the Puerto Rico Medical Board selling examination scores to Physicians.

Additional Michigan Medical Board Licensing Information:

Michigan is the only State with true Reciprocity. Michigan fully extends this to Physician's Licensed in Canada. If Licensed for 10 years or more in one of the 50 States or Canadian Territories, then Reciprocity is extended. The Physician only has to verify past and current licensure history. Michigan does not accept the Puerto Rico Medical License under its' Reciprocal Licensing Statutes. If the physician qualifies for a Reciprocal License, then the following verifications and requirements are waived:

  • USA/Canadian PGT Training
  • Medical School

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