Illinois Medical Board License Service

The Illinois Medical Board recently resolved its' budget crisis. They are back in business. However, because of the budget issue, the mail is approximately 4-6 weeks in arrears. This will translate into delays in processing the application and the verifications which will arrive after the application. Licensure time frames can be expected to take 90 to 180 days for most Illinois Medical License applications.

Additional Illinois Medical Board Licensing Information:

The biggest issue with the Illinois Medical Board is its' Mail System. Once a mail is received by the Board, it takes the Illinois Medical Board 2 to 8 weeks to log it into a physician's file. This creates large delays in the receipt of verifications and the Boards acknowledgement of their receipt. Hurry up and wait. Therefore we recommend the use of Fedex for all Applications to insure accountability by the Illinois Medical Board. Any mail loss by the Board will cause significant delays.

The CDS (Controlled Dangerous Substance) Application can be submitted at the same time as the Full Medical License Application. This is highly recommended to insure there is no delay in your ability to practice and prescribe once the Medical License is issued. To file the CDS Application, you will need an Illinois based Employer/Work Address. 

IMLC Compact Participation:

The Illinois Medical Board is a Sponsoring Member of the IMLCC Compact Licensure System. If you qualify for participating in the IMLCC Compact then we can license you in Illinois through that system.   The IMLCC licensing process with Illinois typically runs about 30 days   Sign up today for IMLC Licensing

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