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Which States are the Fastest?

Through our experience in licensing thousands of physicians we have compiled a short article on which States have the fastest process in the Nation. These States should be considered in the Hall of Fame for Efficiency, Expediency, and Customer Service. More

Teleradiology and Telemedicine

Are you prepared to take on the daunting task of multi-state licensing? You probably don't have the time to handle this process yourself. That is why you should consider utilizing a Physician Licensing Company such as More

Practical Advice for Physicians Practicing Telemedicine

The contents of this article are based on general observations of the State Medical Board's reaction to Physicians seeking to license in the various States for the purpose of Telemedicine. We are limiting this article to Telemedicine and not including Teleradiology, Telepathology, or Tele-Intraoperative Neuromonitoring because Telemedicine can involve prescribing drugs whereas the others do not. More

Illinois Medical Board update

The Illinois Medical Board's licensing process is typical of the process for the majority of other medical boards. The Illinois Medical License process has a few unique requirements which separate this medical board from the others. More

Risk Management through Multiple Licenses

Some States do not reciprocate disciplinary actions taken by other State Medical Boards. There is not general pattern or list of States which do or do not. Therefore it is pot luck but the more medical licenses you have and the more spread out they are the greater the chances that some of the States may not reciprocate any action taken against your license by one estranged Medical Board. More

Which States recognize United Kingdom Residencies and Examinations?

In the USA, there are two States which recognizes United Kingdom Internships, Residencies, and Fellowship. One of these States recognizes the medical examination administered through the General Medical Council of the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland. More

Which States do not have a 7 year rule for the USMLE?

Took More than 7 years to complete the USMLE? Where can you license? Currently there are 8 States which do not limit the number of years to 7 for the USMLE. More's Top Ten Lists

A David Letterman style top ten list for the Easiest Medical Boards, Most Difficult Medical Boards, Physician Friendly Medical Boards, and Anti-Physician Medical Boards.The Top Ten List

Ranking of State Medical Boards by Disciplinary Actions taken against Physician

We have obtained statistics from 2002 which provides the number of Medical Board Disciplinary Actions taken against their Physicians by State. The tables are meant to provide a general overview of how Anti-Doctor each State Medical Board may or may not be. The List

Need a Licensure Attorney? has a short list of attorneys who are recognized in their State as a leader in their field - State Medical Board Licensing Issues. Attorney List

The Steps for an IMG / International Physician to obtain a License in the USA has provided a brief list of the required Steps for an International Medical Graduate to take in order to obtain a Medical License in the USA. IMG International Medical Licensing

Medical Licensure News

Teleradiology and Telemedicine Licensing (Licenses)

Our experience is unmatched in the field of Teleradiology and Telemedicine. Radiologist and Locum Tenens Specialist have utilized our services to obtain licenses in all 50 States. It is not uncommon for to provide nationwide licensure services to Teleradiologist setting up Teleradiology practices to service all 50 States. Unfortunately there is not a National Teleradiology License. Most States require that the physician have a license in each State where the patients/physical care is being given. Some States are now offering special Telemedicine Licenses and Teleradiology Licenses. Telemedicine and Teleradiology is a new field which the Medic al Boards are now addressing. This combined with the governmental and legal liability of treating patients whom are not physically present in your State has opened the door for considerable problems if a Board Complaint or Malpractice Suit is filed against the Physician. Physician's practicing Telemedicine and Teleradiology need to protect themselves by obtaining a Full Medical License or Telemedicine License / Teleradiology license in each State where they will be accepting Telemedicine Patients and Teleradiology Contracts. The cost is minimal compared to the risk of not being licensed. is experienced and capable to handling this scale of licensure. can make an impossible process manageable and feasible. To set up your packet with proceed to our Purchase Medical License section.

We have provided a practical guide to help avoid Medical Board scrutiny for those who are practicing Telemedicine which involves Prescribing Online. Practical Telemedicine Advice

05/19/2011 California Medical Board License issued in under 3 Months (International Graduate)

Recently we had a license for an International Medical School Graduate issued in under 3 months in the State of California. The Medical Board of California received the application on 3/09/2011. The Physician had multiple L6 Clinical Clerkship Forms to be completed by the Clinical Hospitals in the USA. The licensed was issued last week. License # A116941 Issued: 05/11/2011

04/14/11 Puerto Rico Medical Board License now issuing in 3 to 5 months can now push through Puerto Rico Medical Licenses in 3 to 5 months. This is a drastic improvement from the 6 to 12 month average for most applicants. has a representative on the ground in Puerto Rico who will physically visit the PR Medical Board on a Bi-Weekly Basis to insure proper communication with the Medical Board during the process. is the only Physician Licensing firm which can license physicians in the Territory of Puerto Rico. Purchase Puerto Rico Licensing Services

12/21/10 Florida Medical Board's New Telemedicine Rules

The Florida Medical Board recently adopted new rules concerning Florida Medical Licenses concerning Telemedicine and the Practice of Telemedicine. Here is the full rule as provided by the Florida Medical Board. Florida Telemedicine License Rule

12/7/10 Florida Medical License Complete in 29 days.

The last items from Dr. Ixxxxx's Florida application was logged in today by the Florida Medical Board. Her application was submitted on 11/08/2010. The AMA profile, which was lost somewhere between the AMA and the Physician's Analyst at Florida was re-requested 2 weeks ago and arrived today. Her license will be issued some time between Friday to Wednesday next week.

11/17/10 South Carolina Medical License Issued in under 90 days.

We received confirmation this week that a pending license application for one of our Physicians who was applying to the South Carolina Medical Board was issued. His application was filed on September 29th, 2010. He did not have a FCVS Packet in place so this process had to be set up from scratch. All items were confirmed as being delivered to the South Carolina Medical Board, including the FCVS packet, on November 4th, 2010. South Carolina issued his Temporary License and the Physician has scheduled his interview for December in order that the permanent license be issued.

11/10/10 Mail Loss - the #1 Issue that will Delay a Medical License Application

Today I had a client who called me about the status of his application with the State of Florida. His medical school had sent the forms from overseas to the Florida Medical Board via DHL. DHL provided proof that the Florida Board signed for the package. The analyst at the Florida Medical Board claimed that he never received the package from the Medical School. After 17 phone calls over 2 days, the Florida Medical Board located the DHL package in their Centralized Mail Room which handles the entire mail for the Department of Health. During one of the 17 phone calls, the Florida Board Manager admitted that the loss rate of the Mail room was 22%. Twenty Two Percent! More than 1 in 5 verifications disappear in the Florida Department of Health's mail room. She admitted that this was a big problem and she was trying to have it addressed. Am I picking on the Florida Board of Medicine? No, not at all. This is just the most recent example of the problem which many physicians face in obtaining a medical license. Florida is not the worst by no means. The Mississippi Medical Board's mail loss rate is higher than Florida's. Their mail room is absolutely unaccountable for any delivery which requires a signature. The District of Columbia's Medical Board isn't much better. Many of these States have a Centralized Mail System. Any package or delivery is required to go through their Centralized Processing Center before it is routed to the proper Department. This is especially true for the Illinois Medical Board. What are the chances of verifications being lost as it is routed internally? Very high. So what can you do?

One - Ship all verifications signature required.
Two- If you believe that it could be lost, then send two or more requests that are spaced out over a 7-14 day period.
Three - keep all shipping receipts and tracking information. This does add to the cost of the process but it does provide insurance against this issue. Some times the Board will make an effort to locate these verifications if you can provide proof of delivery.

09/24/10 Hawaii Medical Board - License issued in 58 Days

This month we had a license issued for Hawaii in 58 days. The physician had to have the license issued in under 3 months. As such we took measures which insured delivery of all required verifications and the license was issued within our client's required deadline. The client then sent us a nice Thank You Card (click to view).

09/07/10 Texas Medical Board Temporary License issued in 63 days

Today we were notified by one of our clients that his Texas Medical License Application is now complete and he has cleared the 2nd Review. With this his Temporary License has been issued. This type of time frame is obtainable if the physician is willing to submit the Fingerprint Cards and take the Jurisprudence Exam when first notified by the Medical Board that these issues are ready to be submitted. We were able to have his Form L's, NPDB-HIPDB, Examination Scores, and Form I's sent to the Texas Medical Board in an expedited manner. The Screening Dept. of Texas was able to move him to the 2nd Review. The Review found no deficiencies upon reviewing the file. His application will go before the next Board Meeting which is up coming in October.

08/30/10 New Jersey Medical License issued in 58 days

Another New Jersey Medical license was issued by the New Jersey Medical Board to one of our clients on the 58th day from the date of the submission of the application. Licensure times for New Jersey through are consistently hitting the 45 to 90 day time frame.

07/20/10 Massachusetts Medical License issued within 40 days

Today we were notified that our latest physician applying to the State of Massachusetts was issued his license in just under 40 days. His application was filed with the Massachusetts Medical Board on 06/11/10. We expedited the process and guided our client to a successful completion of one of the most arduous licensure processes in the USA.

06/17/10 Missouri Medical Board issues our First License based on Puerto Rico Medical Board Examination

The Missouri Medical Board issued our first license to a Physician who took the Puerto Rico Medical Examination. Missouri is the only Medical Board which still sponsors the Puerto Rico Medical Examination. We currently have a number of pending applications in Missouri from our clients based in Puerto Rico. This development will be welcomed news to them as the difficult process of obtaining Puerto Rico based verifications is completed on their behalf

05/05/10 Massachusetts Medical License issued in 90 days

We received notice today that a client whose application was submitted at the end of February was issued in Massachusetts. Massachusetts typically runs between 3 to 6 months. The reasons for this are two fold. They verify malpractice coverage for the past 10 years and the Massachusetts Medical Board does not like to communicate. Without regular communication the process cannot work smoothly. Because of this we have put into place a different procedure which is proven to be effective in moving the licenses through in a more expedited manner.

04/22/10 Florida Medical License issued in 60 days

Today we received notice that one of our Military Physicians received his Florida Medical License. The application was submitted on 3/03/10. The license was issued on 4/22/10.

04/20/10 Medical Board of California - Licensure Time

The Medical Board of California has reduce the average time it takes to review an application from 6 months (last Summer) to 3 months (average this Spring). With the reduction in the review time comes a reduction in the licensure times. Many different factors influence the speed at which a medical license application is processed. With California so much is dependent upon the Medical Board Analyst who is assigned to the file.

04/20/10 New Jersey Medical License issued in 54 Days just received notice that another license by the New Jersey Medical Board was issued in under 60 days. The application was submitted to the Board on 2/26/2010. The Physician authorized to expedite the process at the start. The license was issued to the Physician today, 4/20/10.

03/17/10 Recent State Medical Board Changes

Many State Medical Boards are moving to an online Application Status Report System. State Medical Boards which have moved to this type of online system include California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. All Application Status Report Systems are not equal. The ones which provide the most detail and are updated on a weekly basis are the best. In our opinion the Medical Boards with the Best System are the States of Oregon and Oklahoma. Both are detailed in nature and updated weekly. Whereas other Board's systems lack details or timely updates. North Carolina and Wisconsin can go for weeks and weeks without being updated thus requiring a phone call to the Medical Boards. Whereas California's lacks vital details which end up requiring a follow up call to the Medical Board to find out what is still missing. This defeats the general purpose of the system. We hope that more Medical Boards will move to a Oregon or Oklahoma Status Report System which will allow for a faster, more efficient process.

08/13/09 Government Run Health Care - How will it impact Licensing?

The best indicator of the future is the past. Know the past and you have a window in the future. The same is true for Government Run Health Care and Licensure. Because the USA is a Republic with the States having Sovereignty over their borders, there will never be a national license program which replaces the State Medical Board's process. Each Board will continue to reinvent the wheel. What we will see is an additional permit/license which will be added to the already exhaustive list of permits/licenses which Physicians need to practice. These include but are not limited to: State Medical Licenses, State CSR/CDS Permits, NPI #, Medicaid/Medicare #'s. We expect to see a process similar to the Medicare Registration Process with multiple 40+ page applications, addendums, and billing setups for any new Federal Program. Included in this will be practice agreements which the Physician must agree to abide by in essence allowing the Federal Govt' to dictate to them what services they can offer and to whom. Govt' never goes from complex to simple. It always grows from simple to complex.

08/10/09 Puerto Rico Medical Board - loses 80% of verifications for pending applicant has decided to no longer accept contracts for the licensure process for the Territory of Puerto Rico. On a current client, the physician had to fly to Puerto Rico because the Medical Board is not accepting calls or responding to emails to check the status of his application. The Board informed him that they were in receipt of only 2 verifications of the 12 which had been sent to them. We provided confirmation and delivery receipt to the client which he then provided to the Representative at the Puerto Rico Medical Board. The response... We don't have them . Until the PR Medical Board comes under new management or changes their mail system, we are not going to accept new contracts for Puerto Rico Licensure services.

08/10/09 Medical Board of California - Furloughs due to budget deficits

Physicians now have a 4 months wait for the Medical Board of California to review applications once submitted to the Board. This means that the licensure process for California will now run 4 to 8 months depending on the physician, yes answers to the application, and the educational back ground of the physician. There is nothing that can be done to expedite the process for California. When the Medical Board is the issue all you can do is work within the constraints presented. The key to California is to make sure that everything is delivered a month or less before the Board reviews the application. Verifications sent too far in advance of the application being reviewed can be lost by the Medical Board of California which results in delays. It is all about timing.
As of this Summer, California is required to have a mandatory Furlough 3 Fridays a month. This has further added to more delays.

05/01/09 SPEX Study Help - From a Physician who Passed the SPEX

Are you scheduled to take the SPEX Examination and need help studying for it? One of our clients took and passed it recently. He informed us that he used the 1400 page text book by McGraw, Hill, Lang - Current Medical Diagnosis and Treatment ( Amazon,.com ) The text book is published on a yearly basis. The SPEX test is 75% Internal/General Medicine with the rest touching on Ob/Gyn, Psychiatry (Drug Treatment), Dermatology, and Surgery. Our client informed us that the SPEX test is almost a carbon copy of the NBME Part 3 Examination.
Another physician who just passed the SPEX with a 91% percentile informed me that He also studied the USMLE Step 3 Algorithms along with studying the book