Medical Licensing Service

Government Run Health Care & Licensing Services

The best indicator of the future is the past. Know the past and you have a window in the future. The same is true for Government Run Health Care and Licensure. Because the USA is a Republic with the States having Sovereignty over their borders, there will never be a national license program which replaces the State Medical Board's process. Each Board will continue to reinvent the wheel. What we will see is an additional permit/license which will be added to the already exhaustive list of permits/licenses which Physicians need to practice. These include but are not limited to: State Medical Licenses, State CSR/CDS Permits, NPI #, Medicaid/Medicare #'s. We expect to see a process similar to the Medicare Registration Process with multiple 40+ page applications, addendums, and billing setups for any new Federal Program. Included in this will be practice agreements which the Physician must agree to abide by in essence allowing the Federal Govt' to dictate to them what services they can offer and to whom. Govt' never goes from complex to simple. It always grows from simple to complex.