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Illinois Medical Board

The Illinois Medical Board's licensing process is typical of the process for the majority of other medical boards. The Illinois Medical License process has a few unique requirements which separate this medical board from the others.

The Illinois Medical Board recently resolved its' budget crisis. They are back in business. However, because of the budget issue, the mail is approximately 4-6 weeks in arrears. This will translate into delays in processing the application and the verifications which will arrive after the application. Licensure time frames can be expected to take 90 to 180 days for most Illinois Medical License applications.

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Licensure Requirements for the Illinois Medical Board:
- Medical School Transcripts (All Applicants)
- Medical School Forms (EdNon/AfMed - International Graduates)
- Internship/Residency/Fellowship Verifications
- All State Medical Licenses
- All National Examination Scores (USMLE/FLEX/NBME)
- ECFMG Certification
- Foreign Medical Licenses (International Graduates)