Medical Licensing Service

MedLicense Approved Medical Board Attorneys has a short list of attorneys who are recognized in their State as a leader in their field - State Medical Board Licensing Issues.

Need a Licensure Attorney? - Unfortunately situations arise which entail the need for legal counsel. A Licensure Attorney can properly represent you and your interest before the Medical Board, insure that your rights are not violated, and utilize the personal relationships he/she has fostered over the years with Board Members. We have come across a few law firms over the years which represent Physicians in a number of States. They are as follows:

State of Arizona:

John Shufeldt, MD, JD, MBA&

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P) 602-256-3012

State of California:

Nossaman and Associates

Robert J. Sullivan

P) 916.442.8888

State of Florida:

Grossman, Furlow and Bayo, LLC

Allen R. Grossman

P) 850.385.1314

State of Georgia:

Fran Cullen, P.C.

Fran Cullen

P) 404-806-6771

State of Indiana:

Ittenbach Johnson Koeller and Abrams

P) 317-842-5235

State of Michigan:

Wachler & Associates

Jesse Markos

P) 248-544-0888

E: [email protected]

State of South Carolina:

Jack Swerling

P) 803-765-2626

State of Texas:

Leichter Law Firm

Louis Leichter

Louis Leichter

P) 512.495.9995