Medical Licensing Service

Recent State Medical Board Changes

Many State Medical Boards are moving to an online Application Status Report System. State Medical Boards which have moved to this type of online system include California, Oregon, Texas, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. All Application Status Report Systems are not equal. The ones which provide the most detail and are updated on a weekly basis are the best. In our opinion the Medical Boards with the Best System are the States of Oregon and Oklahoma. Both are detailed in nature and updated weekly. Whereas other Board's systems lack details or timely updates. North Carolina and Wisconsin can go for weeks and weeks without being updated thus requiring a phone call to the Medical Boards. Whereas California's lacks vital details which end up requiring a follow up call to the Medical Board to find out what is still missing. This defeats the general purpose of the system. We hope that more Medical Boards will move to a Oregon or Oklahoma Status Report System which will allow for a faster, more efficient process.