Medical Licensing Service

Risk Management through Licensure

Some States do not reciprocate disciplinary actions taken by other State Medical Boards. There is not general pattern or list of States which do or do not. Therefore it is pot luck but the more medical licenses you have and the more spread out they are the greater the chances that some of the States may not reciprocate any action taken against your license by one estranged Medical Board.

Unfortunately for many Physicians, retributionary peer complaints and vindictive patient complaints can lead to unwarranted Medical Board Actions which can result in the suspension of their medical license and the domino affect of loss of hospital privileges, Board Certification, and DEA Registration. Fortunately for the Physician, having more than one active Medical License can reduce the risk of finding himself/herself without the ability to practice medicine due to unwarranted actions. In many cases, Medical Boards do not reciprocate when it comes to Sister State Medical Board Actions. This is especially true of boards which are geographically distant. Having a license in two or more States can lessen the risk of being left without a license. provides multi-state licensing services. Most State Licenses are issued within 2 to 3 months. The key is to have these licenses in place before any complaints or Board Actions are taken against you. You spent 10 to 16 years in training to get to where you are today. Don't let personality conflicts, vindictive employees, or unreasonable patients ruin your career. To begin the process of setting up licenses in multiple states visit our Purchase Licensing Services Section