Service Pricing 

State Medical License Service $599
State Medical License Service for Residents $489
State Medical License Service for Military $469
Multiple State Board Licensing 1st State $599
2nd State $569
3rd State $539
4th State $509
Each Thereafter $469
5 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $469
10 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $449
20 or More States Ordered at Once (per State) $429
Puerto Rico Medical Board License Service $1699
Hospital Privilege Credentialing (per hospital) $429
Insurance  Credentialing (practitioner) (per insur. co) $359
Insurance Credentialing (Facility/Practice) (per insur. co) $559
Physician Credentialing Verification Service (CVO) (per physician) $469
Document Storage (set up) $415
Medicare / Medicaid Setup $1200
Licensing Service for other Countries (Non-USA) $4900
Canadian Licensing Service $959
Corporate Physician Assistant Licensing Service $569
Corporate Nurse Practitioner (APRN) Licensing Service $959
Corporate Nurse (RN) Licensing Service $389

Licensure Services

Our fee covers the cost of administrating, processing, and follow up with your State Medical Board License Applications and related documents. Our fee does not include the various fees charged by the State Medical Boards, national boards, PGT Facilities, Medical Schools, and other entities which charge physicians for primary source documentation. These fees are not related to's administration fee. Once payment is received, work will begin immediately.

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Expedited Licensure

Medical Licensure Services with each State of the USAThe State Medical License process is time consuming and arduous. Your time is too valuable to be spent on completing forms, licking envelopes, sending emails, and making phones calls over and over again. That is why exists. We can make the paths straight and reduce the time it takes to complete your Medical License Application. To initiate the process, simply complete our form, forward to your CV', and then await for your licensure packet to arrive in 3 to 5 business days. Once you return the packet, then will handle everything. It is that easy .

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Refund Policy:            Refunds requested before the package is shipped - 100%. Refunds requested after the package is shipped - 50%.  Refunds requested after 90 days of the original order date - 25%. No refunds will be given after 180 days of the original order date. No refunds will be given after the applications have been sent to each State Medical Board.

Service Cancellation: reserves the right to refuse business from any client for any reason. Clients who are abusive, caustic, difficult to work with, or refuse to follow instructions will be terminated as clients. It will be at the management's discretion concerning the issuance of refunds to these types of clients.