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IMLCC Compact License's IMLCC Licensing Services:

Compared to Full Direct Medical Licensing, the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact Comission ( IMLCC ) typically provides a more expedited route to licensure with the 31 States which are participating in the IMLCC. provides IMLCC Licensure services which will manage the entire process for you. Once you submit your order for ILMCC Services, will:

  • Email the required forms to you to proof, sign, and date
  • Fedex the required fingerprint packet to you
  • Submit the IMLCC Compact Conversion Application to the IMLC
  • Request the Employment Verifications for the IMLCC Sponsoring State
  • Request the the Criminal Background Check for the IMLCC Sponsoring State
  • Request the NPDB-HIPDB Report as required by the Sponsoring State
  • Request any State Medical Licenses as required by the Sponsoring State

Once the Sponsoring IMLCC Compact State Medical Board has deemed that your conversion is completed and issue the SPL rider to your Medical License, will provide the following:

  • Submit the ILMCC Compact Additional State Applications for each State which you wish to add to the IMLCC System
  • Forward to you the required notary and signature forms for each additional State
  • Request the required NPDB-HIPDB per the individual Board's Requirements
  • Request the required Physician Reference Forms from your Reference Physicians per the individual Board's Requirements
  • Request the USMLE/NBOME/NBME/FLEX exam scores as required by the Individual Medical Board's


What is the cost of the IMLC Process?

  • Initial Application Fee to IMLCC to convert your Main Medical License to IMLCC - $700
  • Subsequent Application Fee to IMLCC to add additional States - $100
  • Application Fee to each Medical Board to add them to the IMLCC - $75 to $1425 ( varies by State - contact MedLicense for full list)
  • Criminal Background Check for the Inititial IMLCC SPL Medical License Conversion - $12 to $76
  • Miscellanous Verification Fees for Initial Conversion and Additional States - $0 to $300 ( varies by State and Doctor )
  •'s Service Fee to Convert your Primary Medical License to a IMLCC SPL License - $579
  •'s Service Fee to Add additional licenses to your IMLCC License Process - $199 per license

Things you should know about the IMLCC process before proceeding:


The process is time limited. You are only given 30 days to complete each application. In the event that you do not comply or are unable to comply with the IMLCC / Sponsoring State / Additional State's requests within the 30 day time period the following will occur:

  • Your application will expire and you will lose the funds you provided to the IMLC / Sponsoring State / Additional State
  • A Few of the States will actually consider this to be a denial of licensure and report you to the NPDB-HIPDB and FSMB as a "Board Action"
  • The individual Medical Boards can refuse to issue a license through the IMLCC even if you meet the requirements which the IMCLC has provided on their website. The Individual Medical Boards can review you Exam Score History, Type of Board Certification, Malpractice History, along with other potential issues to determine eligibility. The IMLCC does not approve or disapprove the applications. This is left up to the Individual State Medical Boards. 
  • Physician's who previously held a license in an "Add On" IMLCC State will not be allowed to apply through the IMLCC to reinstate those Medical Licenses. The Physician will be forced to apply through the Board's normal reinstatement, reactivation, or restoration process
  • If a physician is going to license in all 50 States and will be using the IMLCC to add the 31 States to their license list, adding the 31 States at the same time as the 29 Full States or before will increase their licensure cost by up to $22,475. Why? Because it is very likely that the 29 slower medical boards will see the 31 new licenses and as such require that each be verified to the 29 slower boards. The average cost of a license verification is $25.  $25 x 31 new licenses = $775.  $775 x 29 slower Boards = $22,475. Proper planning in advance can reduce your out of pocket expense while achieving licensure in the majority of the States within a 2 1/2 - 4 1/2 month window. 

So it is extremely important that all communications from the IMLCC and Board's are received, complied with, and responded to immediately during the process. With the IMLCC Compact Licensing System, you are trading time for stress.

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