Registered Nurse Multi-State Licensing Services

With's Registered Nurse  License Service, you are hiring a project manager for the very involved process of navigating through the multiple step licensure process for your RN. Registered Nurse Licensing Service for RN's seeking a Nursing License with any State of the USA. We specializes in Multi-State Processes. The online form will take 15 minutes to fill out and then you will receive the signature forms within 5 business days. Return the signature forms to along with any other items required in our simple check list and then simply wait for the State Registered Nurse  Board to notify you that they have received your application. handles all the administrative leg work and proofing the licensure application process. You can concentrate on your patients while handles all the small, timely details.  Our fee for RN Licensing Services is $379 per State. 


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Included with Registered Nurse  License Service:

  • Set up State RN Nurse  Board Applications
  • Set up required primary source requests
  • Submission of Applications
  • Submission of Reference Forms to References
  • Submission of Required Forms to other State Nursing Boards
  • Requests of Transcripts from  Schools and Universities
  • Submission of Required Forms to Employers, Hospitals and Institutions 
  • Submission of all required Criminal Background Checks
  • Submission of all Supervising Physician Verifications


RN Licensing for Compact and Non-Compact States

Registered Nurses which hold a primary Compact Approved RN License are able to practice in other Compact Participating States without an active license in those States. If a RN lives in a non-Compact State, then in order to practice in another State, whether it is a Compact Participating State or a Non-Compact Participating State, then a Registered Nurse License must be obtained in each prior to beginning practice. 


Which States are not currently in the Nurse Compact?  

  • RHODE ISLAND (Law passed 6/24/23 - not implemented as of yet)
  • WASHINGTON (Law passed 7/24/23 - not implemented as of yet. WA allows practice in the State if you hold a Compact License. RN's licensed in WA currently cannot be issued a Compact RN license until the State implements the new law)