West Virginia Medical Board

The West Virginia Medical Board has a typical process. The West Virginia Medical Board does NOT verify employment or privileges. It takes the West Virginia Medical Board 2 to 3 weeks to process applications after receipt. After submitting the West Virginia Medical License Application, the West Virginia Medical Board will process and notify the physician of the deficiencies necessary to complete the application within a couple of weeks. The West Virginia Medical Board provides excellent access to the licensure analysts.The staff is helpful and pleasant to work with. Mail loss is usually not a problem with the West Virginia Medical Board. This also assists in providing for an expedited process.

MedLicense.com is experiencing licensure times of 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 months for the issuance of the Medical License by the West Virginia Medical License for most Physicians.

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Licensure Requirements for the West Virginia Medical Board:
- Medical School Transcripts and Form
- All USA/Canadian PGY Training
- 1 Physician Reference
- All State Medical Licenses (past/present)
- All National/State Examination Scores
- ECFMG Certification (Required for IMG's)or a 5 year reference form
- AMA / AOA Profile

Licensure Services

West Virginia  Medical Board  Training & Exam Requirements

  • Examinations  75% +
  • 6 attempt limit- USMLE per Step
  • 10 year limit- USMLE
  • 1 year PGY for USA Grads
  • 3 years PGY for Non-USA Grads
  • State Exam Accepted if Pre-1975
  • No SPEX Exam Requirement

West Virginia Medical Board Contact Information:

101 Dee Drive, Suite 103
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone (304) 558-2921 ext 221
Fax (304) 558-2084

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Additional West Virginia Medical Board Licensing Information:

The West Virginia Medical Board no longer has a mandatory face to face interview requirement. Licenses can be issued once the application is deemed complete.

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